About Us

We are a small media company that produces educational materials about wood working, and the use of computer aided tools that help with the design of furniture. Our focus is to help designers learn the FreeCAD opensource 3D modelling software to develop designs for furniture and the jigs required to manufacture it.

The furniture and homewares we design are madeĀ using a blend of traditional and modern furniture making methods. Our pieces are created using machine and hand tools working together to produce beautiful products that capture the essence of fine furniture. We are a family owned and operated local business based in Lesmurdie, Western Australia.

Our values

  • Put delivering value to customers ahead of profit;
  • Strive to deliver the highest quality products and services to our customers;
  • Strive to continuously improve our products and processes to deliver quality and value to our customers;
  • Use environmentally friendly materials and techniques wherever possible;
Photo of the dining-poker table in dining table mode

Our furniture

Our furniture and homewares are made from locally sourced Western Australian timber such as Jarrah, as well as sustainably harvested exotic timber from the eastern states and overseas. We will also incorporate salvaged and recycled timber on request which helps to minimise our impact on the environment.

Our furniture incorporates:

  • Stunning inlays and bandings that are hand made in our workshop from wood and other materials;
  • Sustainably harvested local and internationally sourced timber;
  • Recycled and salvaged timber when requested;

Please browse our online commission gallery to see examples of the furniture and other items that Glasson Design Studio has created for our customers.