Entry Hall Display Table

This commission is an entry hall display table. The table features straight lines and smooth tapered legs making the table appear light. The colour of the Fijian Mahogany and European Beech used in its construction enhances the feeling of lightness. The intricate banding around the outside edge creates an interesting quality of uniqueness that accentuates the quality and grain of the Mahogany and Beech; allowing the colour and grain to stand out in its beauty.

The golden colour of the table is contrasted by the use of the darker decorative banding that has been inlaid around the edge of the tabletop. An American Federal period banding of a similar design was the inspiration for the banding used on the table, the inlays are enhanced by the geometric design of the table giving the piece a 17th century feel with a modern twist. The banding is made in our workshop from strips of Walnut with contrasting black and white veneers that have been arranged and placed to form a horizontal cross.

A piston fit drawer rounds out the table. The drawer features hand cut dovetails and drawer slips which strengthens the drawer while giving it a softer drawer finish. The dark Walnut drawer handle complements the dark colours of the banding.

The table was finished using a wipe on Scandinavian Oil followed by Carnauba Wax which was polished to produce a silky feel.