Howto model Bridle Joints in FreeCAD

This tutorial shows how to use FreeCAD to model three variants of the Bridle joint. I demonstrate several different methods for constructing the models with the aim of avoiding the Topological Naming Problem. You can learn more about this in my video: Topological Naming Problem:


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:32 Setting up the spreadsheet and installing the macro
  • 03:27 Modeling the common stile
  • 10:55 Modeling the corner rail
  • 18:50 Assembling the corner bridle joint
  • 21:20 Modeling the tee rail
  • 26:30 Assembling the tee bridle joint
  • 27:25 Modeling the mitre rail
  • 31:30 Modeling the mitre stile
  • 34:30 Assembling the mitre bridle joint

Workbenches used:

  • Spreadsheet
  • Sketcher
  • Part Design
  • A2Plus


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Writer, Editor, Producer: Geoff Glasson

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